夏天咁有活力,要為身體注入多啲正能量啦!4ward Fitness將會係夏天推出一連串「夏日動感活動」,繼上次戶外空中瑜伽、海旁齊跑步之後,今次就到戶外地上瑜伽啦!一齊走出户外,呼吸住清新空氣練習瑜伽,絕對係忙碌生活嘅一點甜。各位會員唔好等啦,人數只限10人炸!會員費用全免,仲可以帶埋朋友仔參加(非會員$150)。快啲帶埋朋友一齊嚟玩啦!即刻聯絡Reception 5802-0123報名啦!⁣⁣仲有,嚟緊我哋會繼續有一連串户外活動,大家記得緊貼住我哋消息啊!⁣


日期:23/7 星期五 (19:00-20:30)⁣⁣




Summer is so vibrant that we must inject more positive energy into our bodies ! 4ward Fitness will launch a series of "Summer Sports Activities" in the summer. After the last outdoor aerial yoga and seaside running, this time is outdoor yoga on the ground ! Going out together, breathing fresh air, and practicing yoga is definitely a bit of sweetness in a busy life. There are only 10 quotas, let's join now! Why not enjoy this relaxing time with your friends? Contact our reception 5802-0123 to register now! ⁣⁣ The fee for members is free, and it's $150 for non-members. Besides, there will be a series of outdoor activities coming soon, stay tuned!⁣

Event details⁣⁣

Date: 23/7 Friday (19:00-20:30)⁣⁣

Location: Tamar Park, Central⁣

Maximum quota: 10 people⁣⁣

Members are⁣, non-members are $150⁣

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