【 Gordon Ip 葉泓聲 🔥成功背後的努力】⁣

恭喜天堂鳥嘅演唱會圓滿結束!唔好睇Gordon喺台上面又唱又跳好似好輕鬆咁,其實佢背後花咗好多心機。Gordon一直都好勤力嚟4ward Fitness做運動,再配合我哋私人教練Stanley為佢度身訂造嘅一套訓練,先會咁健碩同埋有咁好嘅肺活量!希望Gordon繼續向目標進發,為大家帶來更多唱跳作品!大家都要同Gordon一樣,繼續做運動,保持強健體魄!⁣


Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the BOF concert! Gordon makes singing and dancing look so easy on the stage! In fact, he has spent a lot of effort behind that. Gordon has always exercise hard at 4ward Fitness, and cooperated with our personal trainer Stanley who tailored a set of training for him . That's why he is so strong and has a good vital capacity ! We hope Gordon will keep chasing his goal and continue to bring more singing and dancing works for us! Don't stop exercising and stay strong like Gordon !⁣


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