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【Premium Pass】

繁忙時間經常沒有名額上堂?想報的班又時常滿額? 4ward Fitness也明白到會員們的煩惱,為了提升Premium Member的尊貴待遇,現正破天荒嶄新推出Premium Pass計劃。首間引用在健身行業內,4ward Fitness 的Premium Member只需手持一卡,便可尊享即場優先候補名額,讓會員們日後可更方便參與課堂。



每次入場時可在Reception領取Premium Pass,然後去到想參與既課堂的門外排隊,假若有現場候補名額,將Premium Pass交給該課堂之導師作為登記,開堂後一分鐘後便可隨即上堂。


*候補名額將按照入場的先後時間,早到先得。如有任何爭議,4ward fitness擁有最終決定權

【Premium Pass】​

The course is always full in peak hour? Some course is always full? 4ward Fitness understands those problems of members. In order to upgrade the benefit to Premium Member, we launch a special Premium Pass program. This is the newest program in fitness industry. Our Premium Member can enjoy the exclusive card, and get the priority waiting list. It’s easier for them to participate the class in alternate quota.


More details

Every time you check in, you can receive a Premium Pass at Reception, and then you can go to the queue outside the classroom. If there is an alternate quota, give the Premium Pass to the instructor of the class as a registration and you can join the class after one minute. 

* Limited quota depends on the entry time , first come first served. *Terms and conditions apply, 4ward fitness has the final decision


If you are interested in upgrading to a Premium member, please contact reception for details.