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【🇰🇷韓國人氣健身教練Eum Yuna將現身直播✨ 】

為了增加直播課堂嘅樂趣✨,4ward Fitness將衝出香港,誠意邀請🇰🇷韓國人氣健身教練Eum Yuna為大家直播授課📹!Eum Yuna曾經拎過不少的運動獎項🏆,更包括多項健美和比堅尼👙比賽。所以她對健身運動,亦非常有心得!

⭐Eum Yuna將會在星期六(2/5) ,香港時間下午2:00-2:30,在4ward Fitness Facebook直播教授Body Pilates。主要針對伸展筋骨、訓練耐力、加強肌力和提升靈活度等。🔥大家切勿錯過了!

In order to increase the fun of live classes✨, 4ward Fitness invites the popular 🇰🇷Korean fitness instructor Eum Yuna to take live class📹 with everyone! Eum Yuna won many sports awards🏆, including many Sport Model and Bikini👙 competitions. She has a lot of experience in fitness!

⭐Eum Yuna will teach Body Pilates on 4ward Fitness Facebook. The date is on this Saturday (2/5), 2: 00-2: 30 pm of Hong Kong time. Mainly focus on stretching muscles, training endurance, strengthening muscle and improving flexibility. 🔥Don’t miss it! Detail: