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【醫療級身體測量儀📈 Boditrax】⁣

好多人運動嘅目標都喺想減肥⬇、鍛煉肌肉💪🏻或者變得更健康。不過你又了解自己身體狀態嗎?4ward Fitness 在場內設有精準的英國醫療級身體測量儀-Boditrax📐,能夠精確地測量出個人的✅體重、✅骨量、✅脂肪量、✅肌肉量、✅內臟脂肪、✅代謝年齡、✅代謝率和✅身體水份等。系統仲可以透過應用程式追蹤健身進度,分析每星期和每月的結果📊,讓你更有效改善自己。⁣ ⁣ Boditrax受到醫院🏥、大學🏛、一級方程式賽車🏎、英超聯賽和其他精英運動隊所應用,能夠提供精確的身體成分的分析。不但有助達成鍛煉目標,更可了解到自己健康狀況。要改變先要了解自己,如果你都想開始計劃,立即聯絡我們了解下📩!⁣ ⁣ Many people do exercises that focus on losing weight⬇, building muscle💪🏻, or becoming healthier. But do you understand your body? 4ward Fitness has an accurate British medical-grade body measuring instrument, Boditrax📐, which can accurately measure an individual's ✅weight, ✅bone mass, ✅fat mass, ✅muscle mass, ✅visceral fat, ✅metabolic age, ✅metabolic rate, ✅body moisture and etc. This system can track fitness progress through the app and analyze weekly and monthly results📊 to help you improve yourself more effectively.⁣ ⁣ Boditrax is also used by hospitals🏥, universities🏛, Formula One🏎, the Premier League and other elite sports teams to provide accurate body composition analysis. It’s not only help you to reach your exercise goals, and you will also learn about your health. To change, you need to know yourself first. If you want to start planning, contact us now📩!⁣