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4ward Fitness一直視衛生為重要因素✨,所以自開業以來,已經率先定期聘請EHS 消毒團隊🛡,利用美國醫療級消毒技術,為4ward Fitness場內的每個地方徹底消毒🧪。無論有沒有疫情,我地都會確保場內的衛生管理質素⭕。⁣ ⁣ EHS團隊利用革命性360度離子噴槍🔫,釋放安全消毒劑 NaDCC,能細緻清潔4ward Fitness每一角落。比起使用氯水、酒精等的舊式消毒劑,NaDCC更為安全無害🉑,不影響健康和不引致皮膚過敏。⁣ ⁣ 除此之外,仲會利用先進的ATP生物冷光測試,定期檢測含菌量🦠。一般健身室等公共空間的藏菌數目可以高達>500 RLU的危險水平🆘,細菌易於客人間散播。而透過EHS團隊,為4ward Fitness創造了含菌量<30 RLU的理想潔淨環境👍🏻。⁣ ⁣ 4ward Fitness has always regarded hygiene as an important factor✨. Since opening, we have taken the lead in regularly hiring an EHS disinfection team🛡 and use US medical-grade disinfection technology to thoroughly disinfect🧪 every place in 4ward Fitness. Whether or not there is epidemic, we will ensure the quality of sanitary management⭕.⁣ ⁣ The EHS team uses the revolutionary 360-degree ion spray gun🔫 to release the safe disinfectant NaDCC, which can carefully clean every corner of 4ward Fitness. Comparing to the traditional disinfectants like Chlorine water or alcohol, NaDCC is safer🉑, harmless, and it does not affect health or cause skin irritations. ⁣ ⁣ In addition, they apply the avant-garde ATP Bioluminescence for Bacteria Detection to check bacteria content🦠 for facilities regularly.The number of bacteria in common gyms and other public spaces can reach a dangerous level of> 500 RLU🆘, and bacteria are easily spread among guests. The EHS team has created an ideal clean environment for 4ward Fitness with a bacterial content of <30 RLU👍🏻.⁣