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【韓國教練團🇰🇷Alvin Lim】⁣

最近受到大家熱棒嘅韓劇《愛的迫降》,男主角👨🏻‍✈喺當兵期間遇上女主角,真喺睇到心心眼💛。不過想見oppa唔洗飛去韓國咁遠✈,喺4ward Fitness就可以見到了!今日為大家介紹一下,🇰🇷韓國教練團成員Alvin Lim。Alvin喺非常勤力和細心嘅教練,當初知道入伍之前,為咗提升自己體能🤸🏻‍♂,每日都會做1000以上嘅掌上壓。呢個數目和毅力,真喺絕對唔簡單👍🏻!但對於他來說喺一個好好嘅得著,仲將過往嘅經驗帶到訓練上!一齊睇片認識下Alvin啦💁🏻‍♂!⁣ ⁣ Recently, the popular Korean drama " Crash Landing on You", the male lead👨🏻‍✈ met the female lead during his duty. I really love the story💛. If you want to meet Oppa, you don't have to go to Korea✈. Now we would like to introduce Alvin Lim, a member of our 🇰🇷Korean coaching team. Alvin is a very diligent and attentive coach. Before he had enlisted in the army, in order to improve his fitness🤸🏻‍♂, he did more than 1,000 palm presses every day. This number and perseverance are not easy👍🏻! But for him, it is a very good acquisition, and also brings his experience to training! Let's watch the video now💁🏻‍♂!⁣ ⁣