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【全港首推:競技運動訓練 - ALL IN】

有時一個人練到悶悶地,都想搵啲野挑戰下自己。4ward Fitness就打破傳統嘅模式,全新打造一個以團隊比賽嘅訓練模式。除咗運動元素外,仲加添咗挑戰性和趣味性,需要透過組員之間嘅溝通和合作去完成各項挑戰。邊個話做運動識唔到朋友架?上嚟挑戰,識返一班志同道合嘅朋友啦!

Sometimes you may feel bored for training alone. 4ward Fitness breaks the traditional training and creates a new training model for team competitions. In addition to the sports elements, it adds challenges and fun in games. All team members need the communication and cooperation to complete the challenges. Do you want to make some friends? Come up to challenge, and get to know a group of friends!