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在閣下加入4ward Fitness後,我們專業的健身教練團隊會為閣下進行詳細的身體分析。4ward引入英國醫療級身體分析儀—Boditrax,讓你更加瞭解自己的身體情況,包括:肌肉質量、骨質密度、體脂率、新陳代謝及身體年齡、體能程度等。在Boditrax報告分析過程中,我們的專業教練,會為你解析最適合你的健身方案。讓你能夠將訓練的成效最大化。




Dear member:


After you joining 4ward Fitness, our professional fitness coaching team will do a detailed physical analysis for you. 4ward introduces British medical body analyzer - Boditrax, which allows you to better understand your physical condition, including: muscle mass, bone density, body fat percentage, metabolism and body age, fitness level. During the analysis of the Boditrax report, the coach will plan the fitness program that suits you best. Allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your training.


In order to enable each member to fully understand the training purpose of each 4ward device and the correct posture of using the equipment, a free personal training class will be arranged for each member. The coach will test your fitness intensity level at that time, letting you know the limits of the workout intensity that your body can be afforded. And if you have any problems during training, please communicate with our coach letting them adjust the training plan.


We hope you will find our session interesting and we wish you all the best in your upcoming fitness journey with us!