Newsletter  4th Edition 30th June  2018

Perhaps we can Answer your questions

Q: Shall I do stretching before or after my exercise?


Stretching must be done before and after exercise. The type of stretching done before exercise is called “Active Stretching” where muscles are stretch together with movement. “Static Stretching” should be done after exercise where we bring the muscle back to normal length for speedier recovery.  For more information on Active and Static stretching techniques, please speak to any of our trainers.


Q: What is the best cardio exercise?


What do you like? Running? Spinning? Rowing? Stepper? Stop doing it! If you like running, you would have a tendency to stick to running. If you have been running for too long, your body would stop changing. Do something different!


Q: If I don’t eat before my exercise, will I loose more weight?


Well…..if you don’t eat before your exercise, you may not have enough energy to finish your workout, especially if it is a high demand workout. Eat a fair bit of carbs and protein before your workout, perhaps even sip your protein drink during your workout. As long as you burn more calories than you intake, you’ll start loosing weight.


Q: If I don’t lift weights but just drink protein, can I become bigger?


Where in the world did you hear that from? Yes, you’ll be come bigger…more fat! Unused macronutrients such as protein when consumed in access, will be stored as fat….so start lifting!


Q: Do I still have to workout my legs? I use them everyday!


Working out your legs encourages the natural production of growth hormones which will help in lean muscle development. Have you seen what chicken legs look like?


Q: Do I need a trainer? I can watch Youtube.


Some of the “trainers” on Youtube need coaches themselves. Be careful on what you watch and apply. Find a qualified trainer who can assist you on site so that you can find the fastest way to reach your fitness goals and AVOID INJURY!


Q: How long should I work out for?


A 60minute workout a day works for the most of us. Unless you have a special goal to achieve, an hour a day should work for most of us.


Q: Will I loose my belly by doing sit ups?




Q: Will Cycling make my legs bigger? I don’t want big legs


Indoor Spinning will develop key muscles in your legs. It also works the glutes, hip flexors, core and develop cardio strength. As far as big legs are concerned, maybe…but look at our spinning instructors and make a decision.


Q: What is the best time to workout? Morning?


Are you a morning person? Do you feel especially active after 10pm? Everybody has their best times to workout. Good thing we are a 24hour facility!

Seriously? No Time for Exercise?

As trainers, what we really do not understand is when someone tells us that they have “no time to workout”. How can that possibly be the case?


24 Hours Total

8 Hours Sleep

16 Hours Awake

8 Hours Work

2 Hours Meal

6 Hours Left – can we not exercise here?


We understand that most of us are busy, especially with hectic work schedules and time dedicated to family and friends. If time is really a concern, plan your workouts with Compound Movements.


Compound movements are multi joint exercises that work more than one muscle group simultaneously. By working multiple muscle groups at the same time, our bodies require more energy which means that we will BURN MORE CALORIES and save time. So start your compound exercises and spend less time on the treadmills!

Workshop Events you may have missed!

We had the pleasure of having Raul for a special spinning/circuit class and also our very own Zelos, Adrian and Mai teaching our very first outdoor event. If you did not get the chance to join them, take a look at our event pictures! Enjoy

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