【We knew your concern🏋‍♂Let’s go 4ward together】


為能夠讓會員享受最優質的運動環境,4ward繼往開來不停為健身注入新元素,亦作出擴張嘅準備,務求能夠一直保持高質素的服務👍。4ward場內已新添兩部Hammer Strength器材,分別能夠訓練二頭肌及三頭肌,透過適當的重量訓練,能夠重塑手臂線條💪。


Hammer Strength以精準的人體力學角度設計📏、雙邊獨立之分動結構、超高耐用性和極佳的訓練成果享譽全球🌎。亦是世界第一個健身器材品牌沿用外掛鐵片式重量訓練機(Plate-loaded machine),非常適合職業球隊、運動選手及健美運動等專業選手使用🏆,能有效提升肌肉表現。了解更多:https://www.4wardfitness.com.hk/new-equipment

To ensure every member can enjoy the 👍best workout environment, 4ward keep injecting new elements into the fitness industry. We also start to prepare for new gym location for all of your convenience and sustain the quality of gym. You can now find two new Hammer Strength machines, which can help to train your bicep and tricep💪. 


Hammer Strength, a world-renowned brand with a precise ergonomic design📏, bilateral independent transfer structure, ultra-high durability. It is also the 🌎world's first fitness equipment brand to use the plate-loaded machine, which is very suitable for professional players, sports players and bodybuilding athletes🏆, which can effectively improve muscle performance. More details:https://www.4wardfitness.com.hk/new-equipment