Dear Member


We are so happy that you have entrusted us with your health and fitness wellbeing. Welcome to the 4ward Fitness Family!


As a new member, there are a few things which we would like to highlight to you. So please read on and we hope the information below will help you along your fitness journey with us!


Have a wonderful day 😊


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As a member, you are entitled to utilize our locker facilities here at 4ward Fitness. For your convenience and easier commute to and from the gym, we have also prepared lockers and shoe lockers that are available for rental. For information about shoe locker rental rates, please approach our reception team today!


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As our sales colleagues may have already mentioned, you will have certain number of class tickets available to you every month that will guarantee you a spot in our Small Group Classes when you use them to make bookings. There are a few things you may want to take note of:


  1. Class tickets issued at the beginning of your contract month must be utilised before the end of the same month.

  2. Expired tickets cannot be reimbursed or replaced.

  3. Bookings for classes can be made up to 5 weeks in advanced. For more information about our class time table, please visit


Please note that if you have utilised all your Class Tickets, you may still put yourself on the waiting list. Participation will depend on space availability.


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Our bodies are made up of 60% water and our brains 70%. During exercise, we tend to loose a lot of fluid and require replenishment to stay at optimum shape. At 4ward Fitness, we understand the importance of quality therefore we provide our members with supply of Alkaline Water that have shown to have many benefits on exercising,  faster absorption being one of them. For more information about Alkaline Water, please log on to


To offer our members the highest sound quality and in gym music experience, we offer a tailored play list that is customized to every hour of the day as well as different regions in the gym. Our in house DJ regularly updates our tracks and ensures that the latest beats are available for your listening pleasure. In addition, our Bose speaker system are professional grade speakers that cannot be simply bought off the shelves. We hope you enjoy our music!

Cleanliness and Hygiene

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We pay special attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of our facility. With a team of 5 Hygiene Specialist working around the clock to ensure facility cleanliness, we hope to be able to provide a safe workout environment for you. In addition, we have been recently Certification of “Excellent Class” in terms of indoor air quality by the Hong Kong Environmental Department.