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【4ward 陪你gym。免費升級活動】

由於近日社會的運動氣氛濃厚,4ward為了讓大家有更長時間呼吸到環保署認可最高級別的清新空氣。由即日起至12月31號,此限定時間內,「Dark Night」會員可免費升級享用「Off Peak」的會員時段,即可享有更多健身時間和課堂選擇。如想預約「Off Peak」時段的課堂,可聯絡相關的職員進行預約。




【4ward accompany you gym‍。Free upgrade event】

Due to the strong sports atmosphere, 4ward launched a free  upgrade event in order to allow members to breathe the highest level of fresh air, which is recognized by Environmental Protection Department. From now until December 31, during this limited time, "Dark Night" members can upgrade to enjoy the "Off Peak" membership for free. And they can enjoy more fitness times and group classes. For "Off Peak" class appointments, please contact the related staff to make an appointment.



*The free upgrade event does not apply to peak hours:


*如場地爆滿,「Regular」和「Premium」會員則有優先權進入場內使用。如有任何爭議,4ward fitness擁有最終決定權。

*If the venue is full, "Regular" and "Premium" members will have priority to enter the venue. In case of any dispute, 4ward fitness has the final decision.

如有任何查詢,詳情請向reception 5802-0123聯絡。

For any enquiries, please contact our reception 5802-0123.