2nd anniversary

Step forward

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4ward Fitness 2周年啦!好多謝各位會員喺過去嘅日子嘅支持和愛護,我們都是無限感激的!喺咁開心嘅大日子,4ward Fitness為會員亦推出咗「7大禮遇」去答謝各位會員,共同分享喜悅。喺未來日子,4ward Fitness 將會繼續向前,帶更多優惠和新元素俾大家,永遠step forward。想知「7大禮遇」詳情,即刻按圖查看


It's the 2nd anniversary of 4ward Fitness! Thank you for all members support and care in the past,  and we are grateful! In this big day, 4ward Fitness also launches "7 Benefits" to thank all members and share the joy together. In the future, 4ward Fitness will continue to being good, bringing more benefits and new elements to everyone, always step forward. Want to know the details of "Benefits"? Click the photos and read the details now!


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